“World championship winning attention to detail, for you and your bicycle”



Full bike servicing

This involves a complete check of every component on your bike from the rear hub to the headset.  Each component will be checked and assessed for wear, cleaned and reinstalled, this service also includes fitting of new inner and outer gear cabling.

(Cost of new parts are not included in this price).

Price: £75

Specific component servicing

This includes anything from a hub rebuild to a brake bleed.  Prices start from as little as £15.

Fork and shock servicing

There is no better feeling than a freshly rebuilt  fork or shock, we only use genuine parts and our turn around time is usually 3 working days (quicker if we have the parts in stock).  Prices start from around £60 for a full service and £20 for a lower fork leg or shock air can service. We offer servicing on all branded fork and shocks.

Wheel Building

Andy has been building wheels for years! Not to mention building wheels for one the top DH race teams in the world.

Prices start at £25



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